• Are you setting up a new dairy farm?

  • Are you facing problems with your existing dairy farm?

  • Gaugau can help you – with the expertise in buying cattle and running a farm profitably

About Gaugau

Procuring good quality cattle and managing the cattle effectively are the most critical part of running a dairy farm. Dairy farms struggle in discovering, identifying and procuring good quality cattle at the right price. The current system of traders, brokers and mandis does not make sure that farmers are able to source good animals at a reasonable price to make their farms work. Also lack of expert guidance at farms makes it difficult to get the optimum productivity of animals to make the farms profitable.

Gaugau team is here to help you procure cattle for your new farm or add more cattle to your old farm and manage the farm profitably.

Gaugau team is formed of experts who can:
• Source the right cattle at the best price for you
• Guide you on the best practices to run your farm profitably

Also contact us for end-to-end farm management support.

New Dairy Farm

Setting up a new farm?

We can support you with:

Guidance on farm set
up to operations management

Procurement of best quality cattle

90 days free vet support post cattle purchase

Plan to run farm profitably

Existing Dairy Farm

Health Audit by a Top Veterinary Expert

Plan to increase profits from the farm

Support for increasing cattle on the farm

Support for selling cattle for replacement

Farmer Organisation

If you are looking to help your farmer groups to source high quality cattle – kindly connect with us. We can work with farmer groups to serve consolidated demand to source best quality cattle at reasonable price. We can also work with you on farmer education and remote veterinary support for the farmers.

Our Promises

110 points inspection of cattle

Fixed price assurance

Farm management support